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Confidential help and support for health professionals facing complaints or disciplinaries

Specialist counselling and psychological support

for all health practitioners who have been

negatively affected by their work

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As the current culture of blame and accountability grows, so do the rates of stress related illnesses amongst our nation's healthcare practitioners and helping professionals. Worry, emotional and psychological strain are now normalised states of being for most people working in the helping professions. Nurses, doctors, carers, managers etc, are frequently on the receiving end of criticisms that are often blown out of proportion by exhaustive complaints procedures. Whether legitimate or ill-intentioned, the impact of being criticised or complained about can cause many healthcare workers to feel humiliated, inadequate, scared, and alone; a significant number will develop clinical depression and severe anxiety, with some even contemplating suicide.

The Health Professionals Support Association (HPSA) is a completely private and independent organisation established for the sole purpose of supporting health workers in times of professional crisis. No matter what the circumstances, the HPSA provides confidential counselling and psychological advice to any healthcare or helping professional that seeks it. Without judgement or criticism, HPSA consultants aim to support distressed practitioners by showing them compassion and understanding, and offering strategic psychological guidance for how to cope with their distress. It is the HPSA's mission to ensure that all health and caring professionals have a place to turn if negatively affected by their work. 



The HPSA provides counselling and psychological advice to all those who work in healthcare and allied helping fields. Our consultants are highly experienced counsellors who have

an in-depth understanding of working with professional crisis.


Individual Appointments

  • Appointments are held in central London and at offices in Surrey.

  • Telephone and video-link appointments are also possible, as are home and in-house visits in some circumstances.

  • Appointments can be booked as frequently or as infrequently as is required. 

  • Appointment fees: £120 per 1 hour consultation.  


Seminars & Workshops

  • The HPSA provides half day seminars to hospitals and organisations, covering topics relating to complaint and disciplinary guidance, compassionate enquiry and leadership, and resilience development. 


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